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image_3 Since founding the company in 1981 by Engineer Faysal AbouElezz Sunbird has specialized in equipment, materials and solutions for the foundry iron, copper, aluminum, precious metals, zinc and other metal alloys.

SunBird is a company that from its beginnings has specialized in the equipment and materials that gives added value to the foundry industry for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, through constant technological innovation and based on technology to customer-oriented service.

SunBird has a long history of combining engineered expertise with an in-depth knowledge of foundry applications to create the most effective solutions for its customers. Our mission is simple; use the best technology to supply the best product. Our Research & Development team, working in partnership with our customers to make sure that the products we provide are the best possible solution for your application.

With more than 30 years experience, Sunbird provide wide range of melting solutions to foundries, die-casters and metal melting facilities covering melting and casting applications that include zinc, precious metals, aluminium, copper/brass/bronze and other non-ferrous metals. With a network of sales experts, our products can be found in :

  • Non-ferrous castings for the automotive, aerospace, marine and rail markets;
  • The recycling and refining of non ferrous metals and precious metals;
  • The production of metal powder for the cosmetics, aerospace and defense markets;
  • Copper and brass castings for the construction, chemical processing and oil and gas sectors;
  • The production of pure aluminum for electronics applications;
  • Production of zinc and zinc oxide required in the production of plastics, ceramics, glass, cement, rubber and pharmaceuticals;
  • Alternative energy applications including wind and solar;

Our mission philosophy is give technical advise and technical support to our customers, our employees, our commitments, work well, hard and together, and enjoy our work.

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Ceramic Fiber

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Designs and manufactures the complete array of hot-dip galvanizing equipment for piece goods, tubes and pipes.


ZEDMEX main objective to manufacture special shapes and unshaped refractory products using high technology materials to comply with the highest quality requirements from industry.


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